Juan Orozco Cary Art Project Update #1


  • Discoverability
  • Easy to use
  • There is permanent art and temporary art
  • Metadata each art entry. Hashtags?
  • Add hx to each art entry
  • Add rich media to each art entry
  • Art walks/tours, virtual?
  • Add (petition?) an artwork piece to be added to database
  • Embeddable posts
  • Creative commons, copyright of photos
  • Running log of chronological events
  • Data maintenance and curation: interns, crowd-sourced?
  • Geo-fencing?

Some helpful links

Ian Henshaw Code for Cary Update #1

The new Code for America Brigade structure adds 3 roles to the Brigade leadership team. Ian Cillay and Hal Goodtree have joined the leadership team.

This brings our leadership as follows:

  • Brigade Captains: Ian Henshaw, Robert Campbell
  • Delivery Lead: Ian Cillay
  • Storyteller: Hal Goodtree
  • Community Organizer: Ian Henshaw (Looking for additional person)
  • Municipal Partner: Lori Bush, Cary Town Council

Juan Orozco The Cary Update #3

21 Oct Meeting

  • Reviewed progress… which isn't much as I was out of town most of the last two weeks.
  • I decided to split off a bit and build a scraping tool that will accept a json or yaml object and process a provided html file. This should be useful in other scraping projects but also with having to refactor or add new pages to the projects.

Juan Orozco The Cary Update #2

7 Oct Meeting

  • Reviewing recent changes to The Cary's calendar. They seem to have started using IMDB data.
  • We discussed possible issues with using IMDB data or using copyright film posters.
  • A possible API end point for IMDB.
  • We could also use Wikipedia if needed.
  • I was able to scrape the calendar page but not sure it will be any easier then the other page. The data is definitely easier to access as nodes use classes on this page versus the other page which has little useful attributes.
  • I didn't notice that the ugly calendar doesn't seem to be updated. It's still showing September dates.

Juan Orozco The Cary Update #1

23 Sept Meeting

  • It may be easier to use the Cary events calendar to scrape the necessary data.
  • Looking at Python and Beautiful Soup. (I like the API, it's pretty close to JavaScript. :D )
  • Create repo in Github Code for Cary: https://github.com/Cary-Code-for-America/TheCary

Regarding storage of parsed results:

  • We talked about City Gram once and was curious how to link this up to a similar service. Would we have either one database for all our different projects or would each project have their own DB with a REST API? REST API sounds like the better option.
  • Could host it on Digital Ocean once we're ready.

Github repo changes:

  • Added my work so far… not much.
  • Creating milestones, labels, and issues… mostly to keep things straight in my head.
  • Starting to create notes in Github Wiki.

Questions for next meeting:

  • Would it make sense to have multiple data sources to scrape? Would help with getting the most accurate data. For example, scrape the main showtime page, the calendar and the Films@TheCary page. If a showtime only shows up on the calendar but not the others, we can safely drop it from the final scrape. Could be something implemented later on as well.

Juan Orozco Laddr Update #1


  • Figured out how to push code from staging to production.
  • Added Chat link to top
  • Added some resources to resource page.

New Todos:

  • Trying to figure out how to update the cover photo. I would like to make the cover photo dynamic so it changes based on time of day and weather.
  • Updated the "Meetup" area so the check in makes more sense.
  • Need to also add a message to the user when the "chat" link is clicked that explains they need to ask for a sign up link in order to use the CfC Slack.
  • Need to change the logo (we can't use the Town of Cary seal) and use it in the main area.

Existing Todos:

  • Add Project Member dialog is looking for members user name, not actual name. Should be able to search by either.
  • Convert logo to SVG.
  • Would be cool if we could sync logins between Slack, Meetup, and Laddr.

Alex Lemann School Navigator Update #24

We met today and got a lot done, including:

  • Major SES/Emailing improvements (Colin)
  • Updated School Profile & Survey Form Templates (Alex + Sarah)
  • Fixed creating new schools in the admin (Jeremy)
  • Fixed huge security hole in API permissions (Jeremy)
  • Fixed Submit Date for new surveys (me)
  • Created a new Resend Survey admin action (me)
  • Updates to the school profile (Victor)
  • Developer documentation improvements for running front-end + backend locally (Colin)
  • Added Jeremy to production server (Jeremy + Colin)
  • Setup default field values in survey/profile for specific fields depending on type of school (Victor)

Outstanding items for launch: More QA & Testing!

There's a sample schools: https://durhamschoolnavigator.org/#/school/247/ You can set your email to the principal email. Send yourself a survey. Fill it out. We will be using that sample school as a demo in our meeting next Tuesday at 9am….

Sarah, Colin, and Jeremy also had a productive meeting with DPS this week. Here are the notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ua4pjyQsF8Ujqj7y0LkruMf5rNvrYuuUjz5yfqh5xWQ/edit

We will be at the meeting of school principals next week to demo the project and ask for everyone to fill out the survey.

Ron Stebelton Affordable Housing (Data Hub) Update #10

  • Added a new graph for the ACS Gross Rent Percent Household Income ** The graphs were pretty cluttered ** Experimented with line, bar, stacked bar ** Experimented with rolling some of the data up ** Was pretty easy for Ron to manipulate the data and show visualizations locally

  • Worked with Sarah to bring her up to speed on the project and bounced ideas around with her to see if we could come up with a good way to show the data

  • Sarah had a great question - "What story do we want to tell?"

NEXT STEPS: * Need to be able to have others run the site locally * Need to deploy the site hosted externally * Need get a good grasp on the visualizations we want

Adam Martin Affordable Housing (Data Hub) Update #9

  • Created new, simpler application stack for exploring data (moved away from SF housing hub template)
  • Created Slack Channel for better remote, real time communications
  • Scheduled SME interviews with Karen Lado (Durham Aff Housing Consultant) & had call with Shoshana (Commercial Real Estate Professional)
  • Proved dynamic usage of Durham Portal data
  • Established process
  • Onboarded Jen H - Welcome!

Next Steps

  • Get current app hosted on GH pages (Ron)
  • Documenting latest app version in Github (Ron)
  • Create well-formed data for some new graphs (Ben)
  • Discuss strategy/priorities with Karen Lado (Adam)
  • Give UI feedback (Jen)

Jeremy Freeman School Navigator Update #23

  • reviewed UI on touch/phone (Rosa)
  • reviewed state test data consolidated by David
  • tested production app and noted issues with WG Pearson shape file (Will)
  • worked on NC teaching working conditions survey data cleaning
  • more work on school profile survey design (Sarah)

Dane Summers Bike Safety Application Update #14

We worked on fleshing out the 'user contributed data' milestone:

  • Brian worked on analyzing data - he's been working on a shiny app of the analysis (the clustering table at the bottom is pretty interesting): https://pirategrunt.shinyapps.io/ShinySafety/
  • Dane & Peter worked an adding more data to the map; added more tickets to the system.
  • Dane reached out to the NCDOT about updates to the data; he is going to follow up with them about obtaining a bulk dataset of pedestrian accidents.

Adam Martin School Navigator Update #22

  • Migrated data from schools to the new School Profiles
  • Created automated email survey tool to send to school principles to collect school profile data not currently available
  • Collected feedback form User Design professional and made edits (Thanks Rosa!)
  • 75% finished pulling NC DPI School Teacher Working Conditions Survey data

Colin Copeland Open Data Policing NC Update #4

Alejandra, Dylan, and Colin discussed mapping ideas for the Fayetteville data:

  • Race of stops compared to block demographics by census blocks
    • Determine if percentage is reasonable
    • Color/intensity indicates if area is over/under represented
    • Problem: commuters may not live in that census block
  • For a given stop cause that is typically inappropriate, color blocks based on relative percentage of types over stops in that block
    • http://colorbrewer2.org/
    • Problem: highlights more busy roads

Adam Martin School Navigator Update #21

  • Alex and Sarah met with the Durham Charter Collaborative (which is board members and principals from Durham's charter schools) last week and they were very excited about the site. They all agreed to complete the survey once it's ready.
  • Sarah is reaching out to a handful of administrators from the 3 types of schools to get their feedback on the profile and confirm that we're not a) using the wrong language/categorizations anywhere b) asking for unrealistic info c) get their buy-in. So far so good.
  • Onboarded Melissa - who made her first commit - Awesome!
  • Victor cleaned up new survey form HTML & setup django environment
  • Jeremy reviewed NC Teacher Satisfaction survey data

Ron Stebelton Affordable Housing (Data Hub) Update #8

The relative path issue for the css and links looks like it is now resolved on both the local and http://codefordurham.github.io/affordablehousing.

There is still an issue with the graphs not showing on http://codefordurham.github.io/affordablehousing, but they are showing up locally.

Dane Summers Bike Safety Application Update #12

Ildar & Dane reviewed the app and came up with many more possible improvements and discussion topics.

Brittany started to add a custom field to the user contributed accidents.

Dane tried to fix the zoom levels (dots no longer resize).

Jon Anderson School Navigator Update #20

  • Sarah continued providing user feedback and prepped for charter group meeting
  • Squiggs did some tweaks for the profile page and the school list
  • Jeremy looked at acceptance rates for magnets for scraping
  • Alex committed a new API endpoint for school profile info
  • Jeremy got his development environment set back up

Elijah DeLee Open Data Policing NC Update #3

  • Dylan continued to work on integrating Census data
  • Andy worked on integrating maps into pages with geolocation data
  • Elijah looked into alternative geolocation format Web Mercator
  • Uploaded .json file of Fayetteville data to Mapbox and experimented with different maps

Adam Martin School Navigator Update #19

  • Fixed a couple of backlog Issues (Jeremy, Squiggs)
  • Attempted to scraped data from PDF for Principles for each school (Chris K)
  • Working on front end issues in waffle.io to improve centering on schools (Squiggs)
  • Working on phase 2 School Profile backend (Jeremy)

Alex Lemann School Navigator Update #18

  • Unique URL for SchoolSurveys (Alex)
  • Fixed UserSnap integration (Alex)
  • Survey of fields for manual scraping of school pages (Sarah)
  • School Guide page (James)
  • Worked on school profile page (Squiggs)

Sarah Martin School Navigator Update #17

  • onboarded new team members
  • refined fields for school profile
  • pulled together information for a sample profile to collect user feedback
  • began several UX tweaks including #235 lighting up the school icon on the map when you hover over the school name in the drop down list
  • inputted remaining user feedback from Nov survey into github

Dane Summers Bike Safety Application Update #9

New member Phillip joined the project.

Added new tasks based on feedback from last month's BPAC meeting.

Dane & Mark discussed various UI improvements and started crafting a letter to the Durham Police department to request the latest bicycle & pedestrian data.

Adam Martin Affordable Housing (Data Hub) Update #3

Attendees: Derek (database/back end), Brittany (front end), Cat (front end), Ben (data/policy), Leah (data/research), Adam (Policy/partners), Chris K (real estate perspective)

  • Cloned the DataSF Data Hub Starter project in our affordable housing repo. To join the repo, just
  • Started a waffle board to add/manage next steps
  • Onboarded new members to the project
  • Reviewed the Dec 10 affordable housing report provided by consultant Karen Lado to the City of Durham

Katie Spencer Durham Born Exhibit Interactive Update #3

The team took a field trip to Duke Regional to see one of the exhibit locations. The museum identified an iPad that can be used to test different versions of the slideshow and eventually be placed in the exhibit at the Public Health Department. Next steps are firming up a style guide for the slideshow, moving it over so it is hosted by the museum, finding hardware to mount it to the wall.

Adam Martin Affordable Housing (Data Hub) Update #2

[Notes from Ginny] Attendees: Brittany, Anne, Ginny, Adam, Mickey, & Derek

Summary: Good discussion on the history of this team and the priorities of those who arrived. A good discussion on activities that will help in the discovery:

  • Prototype a page or two from the San Francisco Housing Data Hub (housing.datasf.org)
  • Pull data from Open Durham (ex County Population Vulnerability) into various tools such as Watson, SAS Enterprise, Pandas, …
  • Compare Durham to similar cities to assess how we are doing for affordability and accessibility to housing
  • Determine if there is data that the community could request to be added to the Open Durham site.

Next Meeting Prep (December 15)

Alex Lemann School Navigator Update #16

  • New profile field brainstorm
  • New domain purchase by Colin
  • Sarah closed ticket #238 fixing a user submitted bug about a school's data
  • School profile page design rough out by Squiggs & Victor
  • New profile backend rough out by Jeremy
  • Suggestion to use django-reversions by Colin ( django-reversion.readthedocs.org/en/latest/ ) to track changes to school profiles due to survey submissions and data source pulls

Colin Copeland Open Data Policing NC Update #1

Kicking off Phase 2 w Fayetteville data:

  • Verified lat/lon conversions by spot checking a few entries against the associated street addresses
  • Started creating documentation for running conversion Python script on Mac/Linux
  • Research heatmap visualizations

Alex Lemann School Navigator Update #14

Updates for the week:

  • Sarah —- Shared & reviewed survey results. Starting to write up summary.
  • Jeremy —- Triaged tickets.
  • Alex —- Introed Iron Yard student ( https://github.com/jeremyrist ) to project, merged his PR, and deployed.
  • Adam & Colin —- Met with PTA council. Discussed further outreach opportunities.

Adam Martin School Navigator Update #13

mega props for megamilestones, team!

  • Partnering: Presented prototype to Durham Public Schools PTA and Chief Communications officer with extremely positive responses
  • User testing feedback: Completed user testing with 80 individuals via Duke Engineering School's Design Thinking Class (thanks!)
  • Data quality testing: ran 1000 test addresses throughout area both DPS and SchoolNav sites to test accuracy of results with 90-95% successful match
  • Finished Parent Survey and sent out to a few friendlies

Adam Martin Affordable Housing (Data Hub) Update #1

What's happening in community: Recent discussions with Durham CAN, Durham City Council, Self-Help, Durham Housing Authority, etc centers around downtown housing near the Durham Transportation Station, mainly re: options for

  • the use of public property to incentivize private developers to create housing developments with some affordable units, and
  • competition for limited State HUD funds for different projects.

Recent News (see great sources below)

Courtesy of Lisa Soorg and Bull City Rising blog

Alex Lemann School Navigator Update #10


  • a https://github.com/codefordurham/school-navigator/issues/104
  • b The elusive https://github.com/codefordurham/school-navigator/issues/73
  • c https://github.com/codefordurham/school-navigator/issues/89
  • d https://github.com/codefordurham/school-navigator/issues/82
  • e https://github.com/codefordurham/school-navigator/issues/54


  • Schelling's segregation model and focus on schools performance over demographics

Dane Summers Bike Safety Application Update #6

Latest updates:

  • Close to finishing Milestone #1 (https://waffle.io/bikesafety/bikesafety?milestone=User%20contributed%20accidents)
  • We are planning Milestone #2 (https://waffle.io/bikesafety/bikesafety?milestone=Filter%20Data!).
  • Setup two more member's dev systems for the project.
  • Met with the Freewheeling NC project (discussing coordination ideas).

Alex Lemann School Navigator Update #9

  • Sarah worked on adding mission statements to schools
  • Jeremy is automating attendance data input
  • Squiggs emailed education related community groups & is working on a key for the school list https://github.com/codefordurham/school-navigator/issues/100
  • Victor removed school list page. Added hours and renamed description -> mission statement. Frontend now shows mission statements.

Alex Lemann School Navigator Update #8

  • Squiggs' first merge https://github.com/codefordurham/school-navigator/commit/9fb6c063e95cea097e3f3524179d53747e3c5d01
  • Reorganizing the ticket tracker to focus on Phase I / Phase II
  • Colin manually merged two Club Blvd school records https://github.com/codefordurham/school-navigator/issues/86
  • Discussions about next steps for adding additional school data: https://github.com/codefordurham/school-navigator/issues/85
  • Planning for surveying parents about how they would use this tool

Dane Summers Bike Safety Application Update #5

We have a new member, and have fully migrated the project over to github. Project highlights:

  • Fixed scrolling on the 'add accident' page.
  • Added all tasks to github issues; added a milestone for finishing the 'add accident' feature.
  • Setup continuous deployment to heroku.
  • Setup testing framework for the project (jasmine).

Adam Martin Bike Safety Application Update #3

We're currently in the process of adding a 'add accident' feature to the application.


  • migrated from google maps to leaflet.
  • added coloring by accident metrics.
  • server side accident/road coloring (its faster now!).

Adam Martin School Navigator Update #3

  • Made the house location on map draggable to new locations (more dynamic browsing/results)
  • Added Distance to Schools from house on map - in api and Ui
  • Integrated Magnet school data (w grade_min / grade_max) from GIS
  • Bug fixes

Adam Martin School Navigator Update #2

  • Fixes: map doesn't load most of the time.
    • New: each address has a unique url that can be shared.
    • New: School detail page (currently blank, I need business for page design)
    • New: Hovering over a school on the left panel highlights it on the map.
    • New: Left panel's schools are now clickable (school detail page)
    • Remove the 'all' tab.

Victor Rocha School Navigator Update #1

  • Removed selected school district when a tab is clicked.
  • Added new classes to the school icon to allow for better styling
  • Uncovered the reason why the option tab is not showing the list of school: the data is malformatted.

Adam Martin HackDuke Support: Challenges & Data Update #1

Thanks to the tiger team that came out Saturday to kickstart our process of sorting through Durham's data and the HackDuke event. We uploaded 12 datasets/pointers & got through about 6-8 HackChallenges!


Chris Mathews NC Schools Report Cards Update #1

The NC Schools Report Cards were released and the data is "contained" in SAS. We have "liberated" it and made it available on our Open data Portal at (http://codeforraleigh.opendatasoft.com/). Let's look this over and see if we can do some analysis and visualizations that make the data usuable by yhe public.

Ian Henshaw CityGram for Raleigh/Triangle Update #2

Code for Cary has worked with Jim Van Fleet at Code for Charlotte to get the Triangle region added to Citygram. https://www.citygram.org

There are issues properly locating addresses since Citygram was made for a city and not a region. Cary Brigade has been working to see if we can get this resolved.

The first dataset used is Crime incident data from the Raleigh and Durham open data portals and the Cary Brigade open data portal.

Jason Hibbets CityCamp NC Update #3

Our event is shaping up quite nicely. We are looking to have lightning talks on June 11. Confirmed speakers so far are Twyla McDermott (Charlotte Open Data Portal Manager), Carolina Sullivan (Wake County Commissioner), Lauren Parker (Go Triangle — regional transit organization), Lisa Abeyta (AppCityLife), and we've got a few others in the works. Also, on that night, we will have a "Taste of City Camp" where we will walk through what participants can expect during the unconference and we'll have mock pitches via updates from the brigade.

On Friday, June 12, we have our unconference that will be kicked off with a GIS panel and a keynote from Mark Headd.

Then on Saturday, June 13 we will have our hackathon with several things happening in parallel. Our traditional CityCamp competition, Code for Triangle projects (maybe a Code for Greensboro project), and we are looking to partner with Girl DevelopIt to see if they want to run a coding class that day.

We are also looking to partner with IT-Ology to see if they want to run a training course. Lisa Abeyta from AppCityLife is also interested in doing a boot camp for AppCityLife.

Jason Hibbets CityCamp NC Update #2

We are making great progress with CityCamp NC 2015 planning. Our next meet-up is on April 13: http://www.meetup.com/Triangle-Code-for-America/events/221570775/

We have marketing, speaker, and sponsorship committees going. We could use some help with logistics.

Mark Headd, Accela, and formerly Code for America is our keynote speaker. We need help with fundraising and getting more sponsors.

Chris Mathews NC Connect Update #9

Heroku is trialling new pricing levels for their dynos. Here’s the verbatim text they gave:

Free – Experiment in your own dev or demo app with a web and a worker dyno for free. Sleeps after 1 hr of inactivity. Active up to 12 hours a day. No custom domains. 512 MB RAM.

Hobby – Run a small app 24×7 with the Heroku developer experience for $7/dyno/mo. Custom domains. Run a maximum of one dyno per Procfile entry. 512 MB RAM.

Standard 1X, 2X: Build production apps of any size or complexity. Run multiple dynos per Procfile entry to scale out. App metrics, faster builds and preboot. All Hobby features. 512MB or 1GB RAM. $25 or $50/dyno/mo. ​ Performance – Isolated dynos for your large-scale, high-performance apps. All Standard features. Compose your app with performance and standard dynos. 6GB RAM. $500/dyno/mo.

It appears to be an attempt to cut down the amount of freeloaders using Heroku. Nowadays, especially with faster code and faster computers, a standard 512MB dyno can power websites with tens of thousands of hits per hour. Few web apps need more than 1 web dyno, and worker dynos are often not needed. This means that Heroku would only get paid via add-ons, but most add-ons are provided by third parties.

In this new pricing structure, you can’t pop up a free site and leave it running 24/7—it would cost you $7/month instead. Any real app can no longer live on the free tier, so I would expect the proportion of paying customers to increase under this new pricing scheme. Instead of Heroku being the “obvious” choice for a web app because it’s free, you could instead measure the $7/month cost against alternatives:

Free tier of Google App Engine—as far as I know, GAE’s free tier is still useable for real apps. But, you’re limited to PHP, Java, Go, or Python plus the quirks of App Engine’s platform.

dotCloud—I don’t understand dotCloud as I’ve never used it, but they seem to price things by $4.32/month per 32MB of RAM used. It seems a bit steep to me, but maybe there’s something I’m missing.

AWS—A t2.micro would suit any small app just fine, and it (along with a tiny RDS database) would fall under the AWS free tier for a year. A t2.micro has 1GB of RAM and costs about $9.52/month outside of the free tier.

Other commodity VPS providers—Digital Ocean starts a $5/month for a 512MB VPS. Linode starts at $10/month for a 1GB VPS.

Many hobbyists value their time spent configuring Linux at approximately $0/hour, so you’d have to calculate that cost along with lock-in costs for each alternative. Note that Heroku hasn’t announced what will happen to the old pricing tier, so existing users may be grandfathered in or may be forced to switch.

Chris Mathews NC Connect Update #8

Clarifying a part of the model. There are two approaches to the problem of data updates/curation. One require all participating agencies to to cleanse the data and output in a pre-defined prescribed format(Open Refferal) or two, meet them where they are and get the data in what ever format they are using it now. As long as its, digital(that can include PDF) we can then mold the data into a standard format. The second problem does suffer from the problem that less data will be available at the onset, but the users of the system will see some results more quickly and with less effort on their part.

Hopefully this will show them the usefulness of the system and bring them along naturally and encouraging them to gather and maintain more through data. The first approach will provide richer data earlier, but will suffer from agencies lacking the resources to gather and maintain the data. In other words, they have to do a lot more work up front with the promise that it pay off later.


Chris Mathews NC Connect Update #7

Had an encourage phone call with a state level agency looking at our project. They like the simplicity of the site and general approach to the problem. Moving forward going to give them access to the test site as an admin. See where it goes.

Chris Mathews NC Connect Update #6

The web scraping has gone slower than expected. Unhandled erros which required code tweaks in place. On the final 100 pages and going over the others. As I have heard in my interviews with providers, they have gamed the system. Service titles include location and service category all over the place. Going to require a lot of curation and culling of records now.

Chris Mathews NC Connect Update #5

NC 211 site does this functionality but the functionality is difficult to use. Scraping the site as I learn Python to pull down the data and port it to the application.

Need help with telling the story and adding features. Thanks.

Jason Hibbets Where's my school bus Update #4

Some good activity on the page GitHub project over the last few weeks. No active development happened at the February 3 meet-up, so anyone who wants to contribute should look at the issues queue.

In between meet-ups, Jason Hibbets did have a kickoff call with Wake County Public School Systems communications office and was able to verify that the school buses do have a GPS service and there is a 5-year contract in place—the specific service is uncertain, but we will find out soon.

The WCPSS transportation team is excited to work with the Code for Raleigh brigade and explained that there would be some policy issues that would need to be taken care of before any type of deployment. We shouldn't need to worry about this, but should be aware that this will be a step in the process down the line.

Jason Hibbets Where's my school bus Update #3

Great jump start to the Where's my school bus project tonight.

We had Jim Scarboroug­h, Jason Draper, Kheang Lim, John Skarbek, and myself huddled around a TV with Drapper at the helm coding, debugging, and finally making a fake school bus appear in Boston.

What we did tonight:

  • Downloaded the app and got it running locally to display a location.
  • Added several issues to GitHub queue, see: https://github.com/codeforraleigh/wmsb/issues

Next items to work on:

Must do: Need review of Drapper's pull request by another developer.

  • Configure where the map starts
  • Specify fake data in development
  • Fake login for test / Need real credentials
  • i18n

Open questions

  • Need to get real data / understand how the data will be delivered from WCPSS

Jason Hibbets Where's my school bus Update #2

Jason Hibbets had a brief conference call with Chris Osgood and Nigel Jacob from New Urban Mechanics (Boston) on Tuesday, December 9. Here are some notes from that conversation:

  • Where's my school bus authentication: Parents last name, student ID, student date of birth — little to no issues with security
  • The project was piloted with three groups for the beta: 1) a k-8 school, 2) special education committee, 3) Greater Boston school admins
  • GPS vendor is Zonar - http://www.zonarsystems.com/
  • The service is hosted in the cloud on heroku with an integration to the Zonar API
  • Routes - bus routes are not in the system, the app only shows the current location of the bus (via bus numbers—which causes issues sometime if buses are in the shop)

Next steps - trying to meet with Wake County Public School System communications director and other stakeholders from transportation

Chris Mathews NC Connect Update #4

Right now I am in the process of refactoring the database for the future upgrades

Done: The actual refactoring of the database schema

Underway: Reworking the import scripts to match new schema

To-Do Modify the API for read/write access Rewire the front end to match the new API.

Chris Mathews NC Connect Update #3

The URL's for the prototype are:

Frontend: http://nc-connect.herokuapp.com/

Backend: http://secret-everglades-9741.herokuapp.com/

Contact me and I will get logins setup to access the backend.

Jason Hibbets Where's my school bus Update #1

During the December 2, 2014 brigade meet-up Jason Hibbets pitched the project idea to the group. After a meeting last with with Caroline Sullivan, Wake Wounty Board of Commissioners, we believe we have the political buy-in for citizens to help solve a pain-point like this for Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) parents.

Over the next month, we'd like to have a discussion about how this project could take shape and identify the potential concerns from parents and any technical challenges to implement.

In January, we will work on a more robust project plan and determine a path forward for 2015.

Chris Mathews NC Connect Update #2

I'm not a Heroku hero, more of a Heroku zero but I have the platform up and running.

Frontend App https://nc-connect.herokuapp.com/

Backend - Admin and API access https://secret-everglades-9741.herokuapp.com/

Let me know what y'all think.

Chris Mathews CityGram for Raleigh/Triangle Update #1

This is a project that is being built as part of the CfA fellowship that allows citizens to opt-in to notifications from local governments.

Want to determine the feasibility of standing it up locally and contributing to the code.

Some first things on my mind.

  1. How does the government create the notification? Email, does the app scrape a website/RSS feed?

  2. How would we advertise the availability

  3. Community buy-in, would this be healthy?

Reid Serozi Code for North Carolina Platform Update #1

Brigade Forum Software: Code for NC Discourse

What? Who?

The Code for NC Discourse forum platform (forum.codefornc.org) is designed and intended for all North Carolina CfA Brigades to utilize for discussion and collaboration.


We want to break down the natural communication silos each Brigade develops to encourage regional and statewide collaboration. We also want to reduce the friction and redundancy with the efforts required for standing up tools by each Brigade.


The Code for NC Discourse platform is powered by open source Discourse hosted on AWS and supported by Code for Raleigh. AWS is funded by CfA credits. Code for Raleigh is acting as the system administrator and owner of the domain account.

Organized by Brigades

Each Brigade is organized by categories:

  • http://forum.codefornc.org/category/code-for-asheville
  • http://forum.codefornc.org/category/code-for-cary
  • http://forum.codefornc.org/category/code-for-charlotte
  • http://forum.codefornc.org/category/code-for-durham
  • http://forum.codefornc.org/category/code-for-raleigh


Anyone in the public (members/ gov folks/ hackers) from all Brigades can create accounts at http://forum.codefornc.org and subscribe to thier specific Brigade through the use of categories. Creating accounts is easy through Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Github authentication.

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Jason Hibbets Top 5 projects Update #1

During the meet-up on October 7, there was a general discussion about how to work better with the City of Raleigh and the Technology and Communications Committee. We decided that it was best to come up with a top five list of projects and present them to city council. The brigade would provide a proof of concept and initial testing/deployment, then present back to the Council/committee at regular intervals to build our reputation and prove our value.

The purpose of the thread started on the Code for Raleigh forum is to start a discussion on which existing projects we should consider, then proiritize/rank them. Code for America has a listing of apps at http://www.codeforamerica.org/apps/ (note the difference between free and paid apps).

Please feel free to suggest an app on the thread.