Affordable Housing Summer Sprint Bootstrapping


Over the next 20 years, Raleigh's population is expected to double, with the surrounding Triangle area growing rapidly as well. Metro areas around the country have struggled to get sustainable economic development right, and without proper planning, Raleigh may join them. In particular, the city's housing policies may fail to keep up with the rapid development due to a lack of accessible tools tracking changes in the affordable housing inventory….

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Open Referral Pilot: Towards an Open Social Services Resource Directory Bootstrapping

Working with Chris Mathews at Code for Raleigh - he's tracking a project as NC Connect

Durham Open Referral Memo (More details)

Problem Statement

The social safety net is fragmented. There are many small social programs and individual nonprofits that provide services, but those change regularly.The current system of directory updates is costly (manual intern labor pulls together updates), and the data collected are not available in open…

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Trails Bootstrapping

Goals of the project:

  • Provide existing Wake County trail data in useable formats to multiple platforms
  • Allow citizens to improve trail data
  • Crowdsource biking, hiking, and walking data from mobile devices to understand route utilization