Mobile Confernece/Hackathon app Commenting

I'd like to create an open app to help the brigades and other groups put on conferences and hackathons. There are commercial apps available, but it would be nice to have something we don't have to pay for.

Some examples:

Raleigh's Digital Front Door Census Commenting

How hospitable is our digital front door? We need your help to evaluate Raleigh's digital services. This is a Code for America initiative to track the usability and digital ease for the top 10 most common online activities for citizens. The initiative is welcomed and supported by City of Raleigh IT Web Services team, particularly Chris Geyer, the UI lead.

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Where's my school bus Commenting

Where's My School Bus? is a location information app allowing parents to track their child’s bus in real time. Several Wake County parents are interested in exploring this project for the Wake County Public School System (WCPSS).

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Code Acorn Commenting

Design a Mobile Platform sponsored by the Raleigh Brigade. Discover what problems we can solve with a common platform.

CityGram for Raleigh/Triangle Commenting

Citygram Build Status Dependency Status Code Climate Citygram is a geographic notification platform designed to work with open government data. It allows residents to designate area(s) of a city they are interested in and subscribe to one or more topics. When an event for a desired topic occurs in the subscriber's area of interest, a notification (email, SMS, or webhook) is delivered. Citygram is a Code for America project by the Charlotte and Lexington teams for the 2014 fellowship.

Why are we doing this?

We believe that there is an opportunity to help residents better understand…

NC Flu Shot Finder Commenting

The goal is to develop a single web/mobile application for use by all North Carolina citizens and facilities providing access to flu shot vaccinations. Code for Raleigh is looking for statewide partnership with civic minded groups from Charlotte, Cary, Durham, Raleigh through the Code for America Brigade network. The partnership would include major stakeholders from Health and Human Services Agencies to provide timely data.

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Code for North Carolina Platform Commenting

Purpose Define a communications infrastructure that all North Carolina Code for America brigades can use to effectively communicate and storytell.

Vision Create a central storytelling platform that would provide information about NC brigades, civic hacking activities, and aggregate stories from all over the state.

Need your Help Calling all NC Brigades to join the project. Review the working document ( and provide feedback (

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CityGram (Redeploy) Commenting

Project Phase: Redeploy (Wishlist)

Description: One stop shop for ALL citizens to subscribe for geo-centric alerts from various departments of their local government. City event notifications, Upcoming street closures, Permit violations, crime in their neighborhood, etc. Help residents better understand what’s going on in their area, when it’s going to happen, and why. By providing timely information to residents in areas that are relevant to them, the city can be proactive instead of reactive.

Goal: Build trust through transparency, and increase civic engagement across…


The Cary Commenting

The Cary Showtimes

The Cary has a page that displays show times but is 1) not very readable, 2) does not take full use of external data (like IMDB), and 3) does not allow others access to data.

The Cary Project seeks to fix these issues by scraping the data, storing it, and displaying it in a much more useful way.

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Code for Raleigh Website Commenting

An online focal point for civic hacking here in Raleigh, NC to share the projects we are working on and connect with each other around them. The project is powered by a web application called Laddr.

Laddr — pronounced "ladder" and named after the essential tool for fire brigades — is a web application designed to create an online home-base for Code for America brigades. Made in Philly.

Requirements: The Laddr site is built on the Emergence PHP framework and engine, and requires an Emergence server to host it.

Edit your City.

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