NC Food Inspector Drifting

Project Phase: Dormant- Released v1

NC Food Inspector is map-based web app designed to give citizens easy access to current and past public health scores at restaurants in our community. The project worked with Durham County to open up inspection data which can be used by an other groups as well here:

Project Wishlist

  • Integrate data from Wake County
  • Ensure Data is Automatically Released Monthly according to the LIVES specification
  • Add Filters or Tab for "Warning List"
  • Reach out to Yelp for integration of LIVES data to their app -…
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CityGram (Redeploy) Commenting

Project Phase: Redeploy (Wishlist)

Description: One stop shop for ALL citizens to subscribe for geo-centric alerts from various departments of their local government. City event notifications, Upcoming street closures, Permit violations, crime in their neighborhood, etc. Help residents better understand what’s going on in their area, when it’s going to happen, and why. By providing timely information to residents in areas that are relevant to them, the city can be proactive instead of reactive.

Goal: Build trust through transparency, and increase civic engagement across…


School Navigator Testing

Walk Zones, Attendance Zones, Designated Choice Zones, oh my!… Are you a new parent or new to the area? Are you as confused as us by the Durham school zoning and the process for applying to charter or magnet schools? What are your kids' chances of going to the schools nearest your home? This application will provide parents who are looking to move to or within Durham a simple online interface to find out where your home sits within the different school zones, as well as give you relevant…

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